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Équipement Boni

The power of a group
Equipement Boni is part of a consortium of six manufacturing companies that specialize in the production of business equipment. Between them, they total more than 550 employees and some 750,000 sq. ft. of production facilities. Their core mission is your complete satisfaction.

Our comprehensive coverage of the market allows us to meet your needs and requirements by offering innovative, superior-quality products. Thanks to the economies of scale that we generate, we can ensure a strong price/quality ratio and fully integrated services for large-scale projects.


Stanley Vidmar distributeur

Where strength and sturdiness…

On the strength of its experience with industrial warehousing systems, Equipement Boni also provides big-box retailers with turnkey solutions to marketing a multitude of everyday consumer goods.

Whether it’s using cantilever beams for displaying and handling building materials with ease, with made-to-measure mezzanine warehouse racking systems for storing and selling tires and other heavy items, or designing specialized accessories to meet specific needs, Boni is constantly seeking ways to innovate with a view to offering its clients optimum solutions for whatever type of product they market.

…meet versatility and polish!

In combination with our store shelving, our commercial warehousing systems provide tailored solutions for marketing smaller-sized products, as they enable you to store excess inventory overhead. Embellished by our woodworking department, our commercial warehouse racking systems can become your ally in aesthetics, letting you offer your customers a vast choice of merchandise in an elegant and inviting setting.

For all your commercial warehousing projects, trust the services of a fully integrated company capable of designing, manufacturing, finishing, delivering and installing conventional warehouse racking systems.

Customized warehouse racking systems

For all your large-scale construction start-ups, our team of experts can offer warehouse racking system solutions that comply in full with the most recent RMI, CSA S-136 and CSA W-59 standards, not to mention your own expectations of excellence. Moreover, our current standard-compliant inventory of products will enable you to fine-tune your existing installations at the right price, allowing you to treat your customers to a more pleasant shopping experience.

Mezzanine Systems
Offered in both a Structural Model to allow wider working areas and a Conventional Model for maximum storage space, our Mezzanine Systems provide virtually unlimited possibilities for increasing your usable floor space.

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