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Proper Storage Systems

Proper Storage Systems, Inc. is located in South Central Texas. We specialize in designing, engineering and building many types of shelves, racks, storage and retrieval systems complete with cranes, hoists and special lifting devices, tool storage cabinets and tool storage racks. Our units provide a better, safer way to store your items with easy accessibility to all items on the shelves. Better organization eliminates lost time searching for items. More items can be stored in less space and handling time is cut in half. Combined, all these benefits translate to increased profits.


Proper Storage systems
hazmat adjustable racking stanley vidmar
hazmat racking stanley vidmar

Anyone who uses a forklift to handle molds and dies occasionally drops them. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the forklift driver, it’s simply an unsafe method. Forklifts require wide aisles and take several steps just to locate the die or mold to be used.

The good news is, we’ve designed a better way to store and retrieve dies and molds using our roll-out shelving units.

The manual units have shelf widths of up to 120”, a depth of up to 60”, and capacities of up to 2,000 lbs. Air-powered units have shelf widths of up to 40”, a shelf depth of up to 10’ and capacities of up to 40,000 lbs. In either case, you simply extend the shelf, hook the item with an overhead crane and set it directly into the machine. You save substantial floor space and cut your changeover time in half.

hazmat racking stanley vidmar

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