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Stanley Vidmar

Vidmar Storage Cabinet Systems
Stanley Storage Systems’ pre-configured cabinets are available in 48 configurations, including five heights, thirteen drawer heights, and sixteen drawer interiors. Simply choose the Vidmar cabinet that best fits your storage requirements –that’s all there is to getting more organized.

All drawer interiors are delivered fully installed, with partitions fastened to drawer bottoms and dividers placed in the appropriate slots according to loading diagrams, at no extra charge!

Vidmar space-saving systems adapt to different work environments, parts, tools and supplies and are designed to be accessed quickly and safely. All industries turn to Vidmar cabinets to maximize valuable floor space occupied by bulky shelving or to provide integrated solutions for new inventory control systems. And, with a worldwide network of professional storage experts available to design custom solutions, getting the information you need to increase your storage productivity is just a phone call away.


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Storage Cabinet System
With the Vidmar Storage Cabinet System, you can choose from a variety of options below to build a storage solution tailored to your needs. All custom cabinets are shipped fully assembled.

  1. Heavy-duty housings can be stacked six high.
  2. Cabinet drawers can be configured according to the work environment.
  3. Drawers support 400 lbs fully extended.
  4. A built-in pallet base allows for easy mobility

The Big Benefits
You know that Stanley Vidmar offers some of the world’s toughest storage solutions. But beyond unsurpassed ruggedness, what are the “big benefits” of choosing Stanley Vidmar? That’s a good question, and one with many answers:

Huge space savings
Simply put, Stanley Vidmar allows you to store more by using less. With just two Stanley® Vidmar® storage cabinets, you can store the same amount of material that you would with five open shelving units. That’s a 5:2 space-saving ratio!


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