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Steel Storage Systems

ROLL-OUT SHEET RACKS provide drawers for flat stock and can handle loads of up to 10,000 lbs with dimensions of 6’ x 12’. Drawers are available in either a crank-out or pull-out design, and roll out to full extension for convenient loading and retrieval. Several different models are available to suit your storage requirements in terms of size, capacity and height.

Drawers pull out from the floor, permitting immediate access for placement and retrieval of materials using a crane. Loading can be accomplished with ease by means of a sheet lift, magnet, slings, or vacuum lifter. Sheet racks can greatly complement production machinery such as a shear, laser cutter, or press brake, and they can provide a simple and inexpensive means of creating a manufacturing cell, which can further enhance your productivity.


Steel storage systems
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The SINGLE-SIDED SPACESAVER design occupies 30% less space than our standard model and is perfect for wall applications.

Download the Roll-Out sheet rack brochure

Download the SpaceSaver system brochure


SPACESAVER RACKS feature crank-out receptacles that provide 100% overhead access to long, heavy loads of structural steel, bars and tubing. These racks are available in virtually any length and weight capacity and in any number of levels up to 8 tall.

The swing frame option frees up the roll-out space, making the rack even more
compact or permitting aisle installation. The double-sided roll-out option provides access from either side, adding the convenience of serving two machines or two bays at once.

Standard roll-out sheet rack drawers will accommodate material sizes of up to 72” x 144” and have a capacity of 5,000 lbs each. Racks can be installed individually or in a series, and can greatly complement production machinery such as a shear, laser cutter or press brake.

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